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customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesNot considering myself computer savvy, I recently called on Stickynote Tech Services to assist me in moving my home office from one room of my house to another. The technician was very knowledgable and came up with a solution which was not only cheaper and less labor intensive than what I thought had to be done, it improved our wireless Internet service in the entire house. He assisted with hard wiring, component setup, and even cleaned up both of our computers so they operated faster. I had no idea this type of personal and professional service was available for small residential in-home wiring and computer troubleshooting jobs. I will definitely use them again.

CC Norton, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesI recently engaged the services of Andy at Stickynote Tech Services. I had a desktop computer that I thought had a blown power supply. When I contacted Andy, he immediately arranged to pick up the unit, which is how I asked for the service. He gave me his rates on the phone and came by and picked it up. Within two hours, he confirmed my diagnosis and ordered the part, giving me an expected date for the return of the unit. He delivered on that date and the unit is working as it was when I purchased it. I highly recommend to anyone with a computer problem, that they will be well satisfied by choosing Stickynote Tech Services.

Chuck MacKean, Mansfield, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesI think I had recently told you or wrote to you that the computer ran much better after your service appointment.  I believe I said it was crisp, fast and fun to use.  Today I really tested it.  I was writing a review and decided to use Dragon as I hunt and peck when trying to type and completing a document is time-consuming.  This is the first time I’ve gone to Dragon in a number of months.  Usually it’s an horrendous task making corrections that the program misreads.  Today it was no problem and there were very few corrections because your computer service had cleared up many of the previous problems encountered using this program.  In the future I may go to Dragon, the French version and possibly send the same recommendation of your tune-up but this time it may be in French.  Again, thanks for a better functioning computer.

Paul Narkiewicz, Norwell, MA

 customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesI used Stickynote Tech Services to set up my new Computer and Printer. The technician was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. He made our setup process very easy and affordable. I would recommend Stickynote services to anyone who needs tech support.

Rita Foley, Hanover, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesStickynote Tech saved me a lot of time, hassle, and money.   I called Andy about the problems I was having with my computers and he was out the very next day, diagnosing the problems and fixing them in a timely manner.  Service was both professional and friendly, and when I still had a couple questions following the service visit, he came back out once again without charging me for a second service call.   Highly recommended.

Sean M, Mansfield, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesI have known Andy Trask for a long time and when I bought our new computer, I asked an acquaintance for his number and she gave me his new card: StickyNote Tech Services. Well, I was his first customer for his new business. He set up the new computer and copied all the important stuff, all in less than two hours. I just had him over for our six month check up! I highly recommend Andy and his StickyNote Tech Services.

Jane Joyce, Mansfield, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesYour speedy response to my call for help after a lightening strike was greatly appreciated.  And, since I am computer illiterate, the fact that you explained things to me in language that I could understand, was welcomed.  Also, whenever possible, I try to use local businesses.  Good job!

 Janice Gates,  Mansfield, MA

 customer reviews of stickynote tech services  I had Andy from Stickynote out to upgrade my desktop computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7.  He arrived on time and quickly did the upgrade, as well as cleaned up a couple family laptops and left them running better than they had been in months. He also set up an external backup drive for me.   When I told him how I had a hard disk crash and how Dell had told me everything was lost, he offered to look at the drive and was able to recover my lost files right then and there.  So much for the experts at Dell!  He advised us on a free trusted virus protection software and now we are subscription-free from Norton…priceless!!  I would hire Andy again and highly recommend Stickynote to anyone that asks!

Janine Rose,  Mansfield, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesThank you, Andy, for resolving my computer problems with your patience and knowledge. No one else was able to fix the darn machine. Great seeing you after all these years.

Yvette Rattenbury,  Cohasset, MA

 customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesAfter several disappointing experiences with major retailer PC repair services, I found Andy Trask and his Stickynote service company. Andy has provided fast, reasonably priced repairs to my home PC’s, with technical diagnosis provided in easy to understand language. He always gives me a range of options to fix the problem, and never tries to sell me something I don’t need.  And his responsiveness is fantastic! When our PC crashed right before my daughter needed to create a major presentation for school, Andy took care of the problem quickly for us.  I can’t recommend Andy Trask and Stickynote Tech Services highly enough!!

Chris V.,  North Easton, MA

 customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesThanks Andrew, you just saved me from having to buy a new computer. Mine works great now!! Stickynote services is the best!

Sharon Hines,  Rockland, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech services If anyone has a problem with your computer, call Andy Trask @ Stickynote. I have been lucky enough to know Andy for about 5 years. Whenever I’ve had problems with the computer, both business and personal, Andy has always been able to fix the problems very reasonably. Give Andy a call… you won’t be disappointed!!!!!

Darlene Bailey,  Norton, MA

customer reviews of stickynote tech servicesI used Stickynote when the power adapter for my laptop needed to be fixed. Andy had the part ordered for me the day I brought it to him! I had it back in less time than it would have taken for the laptop to even get to where Best Buy’s Geek Squad wanted to ship it. I received great, personal service which I wouldn’t have received from a big chain store. I’ll be recommending Stickynote! Tech Services to everyone I know. Thank you, Andy!

Kayla Scott, Mansfield, MA





Andy Trask


Andy Trask is the owner of Stickynote Tech Services. He has worked in the personal computer industry since taking his first position with Leading Edge Hardware Products in 1983. Since 2001, Andy has worked as a traveling computer geek performing onsite and in-home computer, networking, and technology service for individuals, families, and small businesses. Andy has serviced hundreds of customers in Southeastern Massachusetts and welcomes inquiries from anyone needing help with their computers, printers, network, or other high-tech products.

About Stickynote Tech Services:
Based in Mansfield Massachusetts, Stickynote Tech Services is a local provider of in-home computer installation, troubleshooting, and repair services, wired and wireless network installation and troubleshooting services, and general personal technology services to individuals, families, and small businesses in Southeastern Massachusetts including the south shore, Cape Cod, south coast, greater Taunton area, greater Attleboro area, lower Route 128, and lower Route 495.

Stickynote Tech Services: 508-369-9077

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